Logistics & Distribution

Here at Abdul Muhsen Shipping, you can also ask for help when it comes to your logistics and distribution needs. As a service provider, we are fully dedicated to provide help in terms of supply chain business.

You can always count on us that the goods or tools will reach their destinations safe. We guarantee you that we secure all commodities entrusted to us. Our servicemen handle them with care and we perform random and inspect to ensure that all commodities are free from damages and complete. This way, we are sure that we will able to meet the expectations of our customers.

Service Includes

  • Electronics
  • Household
  • Food products
  • White goods
  • Oil field tool
  • DGR
  • Liquor goods

More About Logistics & Distribution

Abdul Muhsen Shipping is working for logistic engagements with the leading multinationals all over the world. Our main goal behind this is to develop effective logistic solutions for operations. Supply network optimization, transportation optimization and storage of raw materials, mode rationalization, category management streamlining and planning and transmit policy creation activities for transportation and storage some of the important aspects of these services.

We assure you that our services are rendered with quality and guaranteed satisfaction. The charges are competitive and you can really afford. We are hoping to be your partner when it comes to your cargo shipment needs. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us now and our customer representatives will assist you. Here at Abdul Muhsen Shipping, you are sure that your goods are always in good hands.